Hello World v2.0

I have recently realised that I quite enjoy writing.

It’s very strange. I’m not particularly good at writing, I think, but I do get a rather odd sense of fulfillment from it. I guess it might be due, in part, to the fact that I write a lot during my day job. Sadly, it’s not wordy or flowery prose that I write whilst at work, it’s more dry, functional and technical instructions that sound rather robotic!

However, I think that the real reason behind my writing renaissance, if you will, is mostly due to the love of my life. Well, not the love of my life, (she would literally kill me if I was writing about her), I mean my other lifelong love – photography.

Lifelong is perhaps a tad too strong a measure of my love of all things camera and light, as I only found my love for photography during my mid to late twenties. Way back in the days where film, of varying speeds and type, was the only medium available to convey your artistic vision. Yes, I am that old! Anyway, I digress.

My love of photography is something I wish to share with anyone and everyone who will stop and listen. Thankfully, in today’s digitally connected, always on world, that’s a relatively easy thing to do. Cutting through all of the noise though to be heard/seen, that’s a different story for another time.

Like most hardcore enthusiasts/semi professionals, I maintain my own photography website. The idea behind it is to showcase my best work, and generate a modest income from doing so. That hasn’t quite worked out the way I planned, but its early days yet!

Anyway, my point, such that it is, is this; I seem to have put myself in a position whereby not only am now maintaining two websites (this one, plus fdfoto.co.uk), but I am also now maintaining said websites on two disparate blogging platforms.

Squarespace and WordPress. Two giants within the blog/web site hosting arena, each with fairly unique feature sets, and each with their own set of idiosyncrasies!

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