A weekend in Sydney? Why not ..!

On our way out to NZ, we had the good fortune of being able to spend a weekend with some great friends, in the wonderful city of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Being able to stop off at Sydney for 2 days whilst en route to NZ really helped with jet lag, and get us adjusted to southern hemisphere timezones.

So, what does one do when in Sydney only for the weekend? Well …

Being able to see some of Sydney’s most famous landmarks – The Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge – from the harbour was just amazing. It’s hard to believe just how close these two epic landmark locations are, until you take a walk to Mrs MacQuarrie’s Chair at the other side of the harbour:-

So that was pretty much Saturday. Lots of walking, but lots to see within the harbour area of Sydney. 

Sunday was pretty much a similar affair. Lots of walking, but this time it was walking around Sydney’s 100 year old zoo. 

I have to say, the guys at Sydney zoo have set the bar really high for other zoos to follow. The animal enclosures all looked very spacious and well maintained, and all of the animals looked very happy and healthy. I think the highlight of the day was attending the Seal Show, which was a nice balance of education about seal life in the wild, and entertainment by the seals themselves. 

Next stop Christchurch, NZ. 

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