Day 3 – Oamaru to Queenstown 

Before we headed back on the road, we had another chance to go and see the little blue penguin colony again. What was really cool about this visit was the fact that – a.) we were the only ones there, and b.) we actually got to see some of the birds in their nests, as they watched over their eggs. Suffice to say that it felt like another David Attenborough moment, which was really cool.

We left Oamaru and headed inland towards Queenstown. Both of us were uncertain about getting to Queenstown, as the weather forecasts we saw said that there had been a lot of snow dumped on Queenstown the evening before we left for it. I’ll be honest, I was slightly worried that Bessie might not make it there if there was snow. However, as the roads appeared to be open we ploughed on regardless. I am so glad that we did.

Our route to Queenstown took us via the Lindis Pass, which took us through some of the most magnificent mountain scenery I have ever seen. Search for the Dunstan Mountains to see what I mean.

I felt that the scenery en route to Queenstown was some of the most breathtaking I had ever seen. Then we got to Queenstown!


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