Day 8 – Lake Tekapo

Our last night at Mount Cook was a very windy one. Thankfully, we’d parked Bessie in a reasonably sheltered spot, but the gusts of wind were so bad we thought that she might tip over at several points during the night. Luckily, she managed to stay in the same spot and remain the right way up. 

Our drive to Lake Tekapo was about 70Km, and one of the shortest trips on our journey, but we still managed to get a few stops in along the way. Most notable was the Mount Cook lookout, which is situated at the southern most part of Lake Pukaki. Again, the views didn’t disappoint.

In the Mount Cook/MacKenzie region there are three lakes that run parallel to each other: Lake Oahu, Lake Pukaki, and Lake Tekapo, which is where we are stopping for the night.

Tekapo is a wee bit like Wanaka, in that they are both wee towns that sits aside a great lake. Both are also stunningly beautiful places, with magnificent lake views.

The weather doesn’t do this photo the justice it deserves. When clear, and slightly brighter, it’s mountains and lake as far as the eye can see.

Sheena’s photo, below, captures the lake a bit better than the pic above.

Next stop – Timaru.

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