Day 9 – Timaru

We bode a fond and windy farewell to Lake Tekapo this morning. Whilst not as bad as our second night at Mount Cook, it was another blustery evening which was well spent cosied up within Bessie. 

The drive from Lake Tekapo to Timaru took us towards the coast again. Our journey took us via lots of farmlands, as we readily saw sheep (Merino and other varieties), cattle, pigs, and deer. The number of these animals was staggering. It wasn’t just the odd field with a few sheep and cows. These were large open fields, with animals numbering in the hundreds. It was impressive stuff.

We arrived (finally) to some warm sunshine upon reaching Timaru. The skies were clear (at least for a short while), and the temperature made it to double digits (19º C the last time I checked) which is the warmest we’ve been on the south island so far. However, the winds that we left behind in Lake Tekapo appear to have followed us to Timaru!

This will be our last night with Bessie. Tomorrow, we head back to Christchurch airport and we replace Bessie with a hire car. I think it’s safe to say that both Sheena & I have been impressed with Bessie. When we picked her up from the airport a week ago, we thought that she was just a 4 berth camper van. It turns out that she is actually a 6 berther, as we both missed the fact that what we’ve been sitting on to have our meals each day also turns into a bed. Very impressive!

She’s also been a great home from home on our adventures within the south island of New Zealand. If anyone reading this blog is even remotely thinking of holidaying in NZ, touring with a camper van is a great way to see loads of what New Zealand has to offer!

So, today we catch up on laundry, clean out Bessie, and repack our bags for the journey back to Christchurch!

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