Day 11 – Kaikoura to Wellington

Another early start today as we had a lot of miles to cover. After a quick breakfast we managed another brief David Attenborough moment with the fur seal colony at Oahu point, and then we headed north towards Picton to get the inter islander ferry to Wellington.

The drive to Picton was very nice, as the weather was definitely on our side. The north eastern part of the south island is very much wine country. Lots of lush green vineyards as far as the eye could see. Sadly, we didn’t manage to stop off at any of them due to time constraints, but I’m sure we’ll manage a glass or two of the local grape when we hit Wellington.

We left a very sunny Picton only to arrive at a very wet Wellington some 3 1/2 hours later. The scenery leaving Picton was beautiful. Lots of rugged coastline and Arapawa Island were easily visible along the Queen Charlotte sound. 

Again, an uneventful journey as the seas were calm, and there was plenty to keep us occupied on board the Kaitaki, our transportation to Wellington. (In case anyone is wondering, the blue dot on the map is the Kaitaki as she was docking at the ferry terminal in Wellington).

So, were now in the north island of New Zealand. 

We are also in the first big city since we left Christchurch over a week ago. 

We have activies planned for Saturday, but Friday will be a day of exploring what New Zealand’s capital city has to offer. 

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