Day 13 – Wellington

Day 2 of Wellington began with a trip up to Wellington Botanic gardens, via the Wellington cable car. It’s not quite a cable car in the true sense, but more of a funicular railway on a very steep hill!

The view from the top of the hill was great, especially since we had a nice clear sunny day. The gardens themselves were lovely, and it made for a pleasant walk back down the hill in to central Wellington. Sheena took some great pics as we meandered through the gardens.

After a spot of lunch we took a walk to the Beehive, which is (apparently) New Zealand’s parliament building. 

From there we took a wander round to old St Paul’s, Wellington’s original Anglican cathedral. Old St Paul’s is a beautiful church, and made entirely from wood. It’s an amazingly serene place to sit and ponder things. Sadly, we couldn’t sit for too long as there was a wedding that afternoon. 

We left old St Paul’s and made our way around the corner to the cathedral that replaced it. You could not find two more diametrically opposing buildings. Whilst old St Paul’s was warm and inviting, the new cathedral was cold and unappealing. Well, I thought it was.

After lots of walking around, and stopping for the odd cuppa, we finally gave up and headed back to the hotel. We’re both tired (me more than Sheena), but ready to move on to our next location. 

So, as I write this, I’m sort of watching a fairly huge rugby match for New Zealand. The All Blacks are playing Australia in the last game of the series for the Bledisloe Cup. The All Blacks are winning, but the wallabies are making them pay for every yard!

Tomorrow we head to Lake Taupo. 

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