Day 14 – Wellington to Lake Taupo

Apologies for the shortness of yesterday’s blog, but I was very tired after wandering around Wellington for most of the day. Normal service will resume shortly. 

Today was another day of mostly travelling as we made our way north. Our destination was Lake Taupo, which is approximately 360Km (a 5-6 hour drive with stops) from Wellington.

Our route took us through Tongariro National Park, which is home to several active volcanoes the most famous of them being Mount Ngauruhoe. Movie nerd fact: Mount Ngauruhoe was used by Peter Jackson in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy as Mount Doom, the mountain of fire where the One Ring is destroyed by Frodo Baggins/Gollum. 

Sadly, the weather around the national park was pretty naff, so we couldn’t get any decent pics of Mount Doom Ngauruhoe. 

We arrived in Taupo late in the afternoon, and we don’t plan to do much exploring other than finding somewhere for dinner. Taupo looks to be a lovely little place, but we always knew it would just be a stop over destination for us on our way up to Rotorua, which is were we are off to tomorrow.

Catch you all then.

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