Day 16 – Rotorua

This was another day that I had been looking forward to for a very long time. Today was the day we visited The Hobbiton movie set.

I was excited. Sheena was noncommittal on her expectations. I was still excited!


The tour more than lived up to my expectations. It was a great experience walking around a movie set that had originally been built in 1998, then destroyed, then rebuilt again in 2012. Thankfully, Peter Jackson managed to convince all concerned parties that leaving the set up and making it a tourist attraction would be a good idea. I’m sure all concerned are now laughing their way to the bank!

Our tour took us on a guided walk around the rebuilt set, and lasted the best part of 90 minutes. In keeping with tradition I knew as much as the tour guide did, thanks to endless hours reading books and spending hours watching the “behind the scenes” documentaries of the LOTR and Hobbit trilogies. I was in geek heaven, and many a nerdgasm was had!

The tour culminated in a stop at the Green Dragon Inn, where our tour guide generously got in the first round of drinks. Sheena had the Ginger Beer, whereas I partook of the Girdley fine grain amber ale. A refreshing beverage to be sure!

After an expensive stop in the gift shop, it was time to head back to Rotorua for a wee bit of lunch, and a wander around some geothermal mud pools.

Never a dull moment in New Zealand!

Rotorua has been a great stop for us on our tour of New Zealand. I think we’ll both be sad to leave tomorrow. Anyway, tomorrow we head to Auckland, our last stop before heading home on Friday.

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