Day 17 – Rotorua to Auckland

Another day, another city!

We set off early from Rotorua and started the 150+ Km journey to Auckland. We had to get our hire car back to Hertz in central Auckland for a certain time, so hence the reason we set off early this morning. We stopped off in a wee town called Cambridge for some breakfast, and arrived in Auckland around 1:30PM ish. Again, a rather uneventful journey to report.

Once in Auckland it was a bit of a mad dash to get things done. After quickly checking in to our wee studio apartment hotel, we took the car back to Hertz. Our chariot whilst in the north island was a Ford EcoSport. Whilst not as luxurious or spacious as the Mazda 6 we previously had, it did the job of getting us around the north island very well. 

So, after 876.3 Km we parted ways. We are now pedestrians again. However, judging by the amount of buses whizzing around central Auckland, losing the car won’t be an issue for us.

We’re now off to explore Auckland city centre. On foot!

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