Day 18 – Auckland

This was our final full day of being tourists in New Zealand, so we tried to make the most of what Auckland had to offer. So, after a quick breakfast we headed off on what was to be a fairly packed day of sightseeing. 

Since the weather was really nice today, we figured we’d have a look at the sights of Auckland from 220m above street level, on the 51st floor observation deck of the Sky Tower. We picked a good day to do this.

The views across the city from the Sky Tower were breathtaking. 

Some were terrifying.

After being subjected to enough vertigo inducing views of Auckland, we headed back to ground level. We did this via the lift. Some thrill seekers do this via a bungee.

Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Next on the itinerary was to get on the Auckland Hop On, Hop Off Explorer bus. Surprisingly, they don’t have anything like this in Wellington. So, when we discovered that there was a hop on, hop off bus tour of Auckland we jumped at the chance to use it. Our first stop (as it turned out, our only stop) was the Auckland War Memorial Museum

There were lots of fantastic Maori exhibits and displays throughout the museum. We were lucky enough to chat with two very lovely Maori ladies who were working on a restoration project. These ladies are spending up to 8 hours a day restoring the most intricate interwoven wood panels I have seen. It was fascinating to watch and chat with these ladies. Their knowledge and dedication to their work was quite amazing.

There’s not much that I can say about the Auckland War Memorial. It’s very peaceful and serene, and as equally moving as the Gallipoli exhibit in Te Papa, Wellington. 

After a nice lunch at the museum, we hopped back on the bus and enjoyed the rest of the Auckland city tour. 

I had hoped to make it to Eden Park for a tour of the stadium, but we both got so engrossed within the Maori exhibits we lost all track of time. Luckily, the Hop On, Hop Off bus passed the stadium and I was able to capture the photograph of Michael Jones’ statue at the gates of Eden Park, which is at the start of this blog post. Not quite the same as a full blown stadium tour, but it was still a cool sight to see.

Finally, we’re both back at the hotel now and contemplating packing our bags for the journey home. We’ve got a few hours to kill tomorrow before our transfer to the airport, but I can’t see us doing anything more than a little souvenir shopping. 

It will be good to go home though.


  1. Don’t worry I am sure Eden Park ain’t as good as Murrayfield! I think some junior team who can’t afford colourful jerseys play there.


    1. Couldn’t agree more Ian 🙂

      The only reason I wanted to go to Eden Park was to see the “rumoured” memorial for Jonah Lomu. Sadly, it’s still just a rumour!


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