Platform studio desk by Output

Platform Studio Desk from

I’d previously alluded to something big headed my way. Well, it arrived on 11 January 2019, and I have been loving it ever since.

The “Big” thing in question was a new desk. Specifically, the Platform Studio desk from

Who are Output?

Output are a software company more known for their fantastic range of virtual instruments and effects processing software, such as Exhale, Signal and Movement. They also have an amazing subscription based loop synthesizer called Arcade.

I was delighted when I discovered that Output made a recording studio desk, as I had been considering a move to such a desk for my home recording studio.

Surely a desk is a desk?

At the heart of most modern home recording studios is a computer. Computers are usually found on a desk, which are normally a standard table like desk, or something similar from IKEA and such like. In my case it was the excellent, but now discontinued, GALANT desk from IKEA.

The GALANT desk was great for housing my computer and all of it’s associated peripheral equipment. However, I found it to be a little too high when using my Komplete Kontrol S49 keyboard, which caused me some uninvited wrist pain whenever I played it.

As big as it was, the GALANT desk always felt very cluttered with my computer, dual monitors, speakers, keyboard and mouse set upon it. The clutter felt like claustrophobia when I add the S49 keyboard and an Ableton Push 2 controller in to the mix (pardon the musical pun).

Cable management was also a huge challenge with the GALANT desk. Utilising the SIGNUM range of under desk cable management baskets helped in some respects, but ultimately I had to drill out my own cable routing slots on my GALANT desk table top in order to sufficiently stifle my cable management OCD.

So, I decided to have a look for an alternative desk (and stop calling me Shirley).

Why the Platform desk?

Prior to settling on the Platform desk I did consider several alternatives. I considered the IDÅSEN sit stand desk from IKEA, the StudioRTA Producer Station and the StudioRTA Creation Station.

The IDÅSEN desk from IKEA gave me a smaller surface area than the GALANT desk I was using. The sit/stand aspect of the desk was very compelling though, as it meant I could stand and sit to play my keyboard at a height that was comfortable to me. Ultimately, I disregarded this desk due to the lack of surface area, and due the fact that I would need to hack the desk to accommodate my cable management needs.

Both desks from StudioRTA were also very serious contenders. I liked the fact that both desks came with large surface areas with shelves for computer monitors and speakers. Both also came with an abundance of rack shelving space, which means that I can add rack mounted gear (Audio interfaces, effects processors, synth modules, etc.) to them in the future if I wanted to. What I didn’t like was the fact that only one of the desks, the Producer Station, had pre-drilled cable management holes.

Overall, I felt that the Producer Station was just a wee bit too big for my needs, and that the Creation station, whilst big enough, left me with the same challenge as the IKEA desk — I would need to drill holes in it to satisfy my cable management fixation!

Was it worth it?

After reading many reviews, and watching several YouTube reviews of the Platform desk (this, this and this in particular), I convinced myself to make the leap.

I am so glad that I did.

In no particular order of merit, here are some of the reasons as to why I love this desk: –

  • It has a very unique look
  • It is a very functional design
  • It looks, feels, and is very solid when fully assembled
  • It is very capacious
  • Cable management is a delight thanks to the pre-routed cable management holes, and the built in cable management system
  • The optional keyboard tray is a must if, like me, you need to have a clear desktop to work upon

Value for Money?

By now, if you have followed any of the links to the Output website, you will realise that the Platform desk is not cheap when compared to the likes of the StudioRTA desks or even the IKEA office desks. I do not disagree with this fact.

Yes, the Output Platform desk is expensive, but in my opinion, it is a legitimate and justifiable investment. Thanks to it’s very solid construction, I feel that the Platform desk will serve me well for a very long time.

For me, probably the most important thing about the platform desk is that it is designed with one purpose in mind – to facilitate the creation of music. That fact alone is well worth justifying the investment I made in it.

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